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More TiVo Content Protection DRM Snafu

Posted on 15 September 2005 by

Following up on previous Tivo DRM Snafu coverage

PVRblog notes that Jim Denney, TiVo’s Director of Product Marketing,
told TechBlog
that these were probably just “false positives.”

“Denney said the copy protection is trigged by a flag in the video signal. The reports appearing on the Web appear to be cases where TiVo misinterprets noise in the signal as a copy protection flag, and imposes the restrictions.”

Cory dug asked around at a DRM conference and didn’t find TiVo’s claim that “noise” somehow triggered the content protection too credible, unless it’s due to incompetence.

O’reilly blogger Mark thinks TiVo is being disengenious about noise-gate.

Wendy Seltzer would rather use MythTV anyways She’s got a MythTV HDTV HD-3000 project page worth checking out.

The blogosphere seems to really be considering tivo alternatives like byopvr 😉