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More Vista Media Center & ATI CableCard tuner news

Posted on 12 January 2007 by

You can get your digital HDTV cake but NOT eat it… Windows Vista Media Center CableCARD DRM & Vista unable to stream, convert CableCARD media

“users who prefer to roll their own Media Center box (like yours truly) will be left out of the option entirely — support will only be available for CableLabs certified boxen, which home-rolled are, of course, not. Now we come to find out some even worse news about CableCARD and Vista: not only will you not be able to re-stream your high def media to other Windows machines (sorry, Vista capable Media Center Extenders only, i.e. the Xbox 360, and not much else), you won’t even be able to transcode and sync to your PMC or other devices

Engadget also has a look at the ATI’s TV Wonder Digital Cable (CableCARD) Tuner hands-on