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More Windows Vista MCE Speculation

Posted on 30 August 2005 by

Unrelated, but germane to the previous Windows Vista MCE entry is the intimation that Windows Vista will ship with MCE enabled/installed and will partner nicely with XBOX 360 as a MCE extender (check out those lucious screenies at Hexus)

The speculation that Windows Vista will ship with MCE standard instead of it’s own separate SKU seems at odds with this previous blog entry by Ian Dixon pointing out this Steve Balmer interview comment : “…Other editions for home users, tablet PCs and media center entertainment PCs would join the premium editions of the upgrades.” Although I’m not sure that’s solid enough (it’s not a direct quote from Ballmer) to debunk the Hexus speculation.

I wonder if bundling MCE with Vista would start the monopoly litigation train rolling again (or at least provider fodder for blogger/pundits to bang their pulpits over… myself included). Although I’ve always felt that MCE should be sold as a separate software add on instead of married to some modified version of XP Pro. So, if it comes standard with Windows Vista I can’t argue with the price point 😉

via Chris Lanier’s blog