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MPEG Editor VideoReDo Plus: New Commercial Detection Feature

Posted on 19 September 2005 by

VideoReDo MPEG editor has a new version out called VideoReDo Plus with a feature they call Ad Detective. The Ad Detective is an integrated commercial detection/marking/removal tool built into VideoReDo Plus.

What I like about VideoReDo is that it’s both really fast/easy to chop up MPEG2 files (there’s not transcoding or long load time and the interace is pretty straightforward), and it makes frame accurate mpeg2 cuts without screwing up the audio sync. This new commercial detection piece is just icing on the cake.

In any case it’s definitely worth the trial download to decide for yourself if it’s the right mpeg2 editing / commercial remvoing tool for you.

Read More for the full Press Release on VideoReDo Plus with Ad Detective

### begin VideoReDo release###
September 19, 2005 — DRD Systems announces the release of VideoReDo Plus, a feature-enhanced version of the company’s popular VideoReDo MPEG editor.

VideoReDo Plus allows consumer and professional users to edit MPEG videos in mere minutes rather than the multi-hour sessions required by traditional video editing software.

The new AdDetective feature, exclusive to VideoReDo Plus, detects and removes unwanted TV advertising. Additional video editing features include: real-time preview capability; thumbnail views while editing; enhanced graphical display of audio; the ability to create DVD chapter files, as well as generating transport stream output while editing.

VideoReDo Plus works directly with native compressed streams using its smart rendering design. This allows the user to avoid massive and repetitious recoding and offering master editing while preserving the full quality of video and audio content. The smart rendering technology integral to VideoReDo Plus supports MPEG1 editing, including VCD; MPEG2 editing, including DVD and SVCD; as well as High Definition, or HD, program stream and transport stream editing.

VideoReDo Plus solves troublesome synchronization problems quickly and dynamically. The user can rapidly cut and join videos and correct the effects of transmission errors, such as dropped frames when burning DVDs, “noisy” video tapes produced from consumer tape decks, along with a variety of synchronization problems.

VideoReDo Plus is available for $49.99 (US) and runs on MS Win XP, 98, ME, Windows 2000, and Windows 2003.

DRD offers a free trial version of VideoReDo Plus on the product website:

About DRD Systems Inc., VideoReDo Division
VideoReDo has quickly become the worldwide leader of frame-accurate Native Video Editing™ technologies. The technology focuses on video editing with minimal reprocessing in MPEG and other compressed native DV formats. VideoReDo is used in the consumer market to quickly and easily edit video. In the professional market, VideoReDo products are the fastest solution for high quality non-linear cutting, joining, editing and playing video.
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