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MythDora 1.5 FC3/OS with MythTV-0.18.1 all on one CD

Posted on 02 September 2005 by

MythDora 1.5 released

“MythDora is a FC3/OS with MythTV-0.18.1 all on one CD. This CD will install on all kinds of PVR builds. I’ve repackaged the FC3 ATI rpm’s to allow for TV-Out. I’ve also packaged the (Thomas Winischhofer) SiS driver in rpm format to work especially for MythDora. Of course you can’t leave out the Nvidia drivers which are included as well. Any other video card would depend on it being supported by the kernel or any third party driver. The tuner card drivers supported are BTTV,IVTV as well as DVB. As MythDora matures we hope to have a better selection of the more popular tuner cards.”

Think of it as a Fedora Core flavored mythtv install platform on a live CD comprable to Knoppmyth is to debian/knoppix.

No discussion of Fedora Core and Mythtv would be complete without a mention of Jarrod’s FC4 Mythtv Install Guide