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MythPhone is Now Ready for Public Consumption

Posted on 03 June 2004 by

Via a post in the HTPCnews forum, MythPhone has been released to the public. MythPhone is a plugin for MythTV that provides for phone and video calls to be made using a standard SIP protocol. It’s not completed yet, but it is usable. Now you don’t need a Tivo, MP3 player, DVD player, or a telephone

Features of MythPhone includes:
* Contact database for click-dialling
* Voice calls at G.711 20ms
* Video calls at H.263
* Pan and Zoom for video calls, useful if your web-cam captures at a higher resolution than you transmit
* Voicemail
* Send/receive DTMF
* VXML scripting with Text-To-Speech engine allows you to call in and hear the TV Guide / set recording etc
* Full screen video
* Call history
* Popup whilst watching TV shows a call is coming in; though currently you have to navigate to mythphone to answer it.
* NAT and Firewall handling

Visit the site for more information on MythPhone