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MythTV to have new EPG Subscription alternative

Posted on 18 May 2005 by

2CPU has an article about a new EPG service for linux/mythtv

A startup called Technovera is offering a new EPG TV listing (and more) service for linux/mythtv called LxM Suite. It’s going to be a pay for service, as an alternative to the free zap2it EPG listings which require you to fill out a survey every 3 months.

More coverage at PVRblog | Slashdot: MythTV Links Up with Program Guide Provider

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UPDATE–>Here’s a quick blurb they sent me about this new service:

“Technovera is about to roll-out a data services pilot with Tribune Media. We’ve started with MythTV compatibility, but we plan on introducing plugins for other media software. It’s called, and right off the bat, we’ve integrated Local Movie Show-times (some with Fandango Links included). The cool thing about this: You can opt-in, or opt-out… and if you sign-up, you get value-adding enhancements month-by-month,.. not some “log-ware” that tracks your habits and reports it back to George Orwell. We will be including many things that you just can’t get through the “survey-based” Zap2it site. Most importantly, all the net proceeds go right back to sponsoring OSS. So obviously it’s not about profit, it’s about giving voice to a growing community of people who choose “choice”… “Your Media… Your Way…”.