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Posted on 15 August 2005 by

BYOPVR has a new IRC chatroom thanks to byopvr member MidZer0 who offered to host it (*cue golf clap* thumbs up good job)

Please note: The #byopvr IRC channel is provided as-is: use at your own risk. No warranty expressed or implied. Your Mileage May Vary.

That’s just a fancy way of saying the contents of the chat room are outside byopvr’s control and you’re on your own as it can’t be moderated 24/7. With that said, if you enter the chat room you’ll be expected to be on your best behavior, listen to the ops, and play nice. After all the discussion topic at hand is BYO PVR, DVR, & HTPC and not “let’s have a p1ss1ng contest/flame war”. Remember it is preferred to post questions and comments in the BYOPVR forum but this is a good way to shoot the breeze or have a realtime discussion or find out what your favorite byopvr regulars had for lunch.

As long as you’re cool with that, go to the IRC chat room page enter a nickname and click the “enter chatroom” button, you’ll need to click “yes” to the JAVA signed applet warning and then chat away!

If you can’t stand the JAVA applet or are a seasoned IRC user feel free to use your own client (e.g. mIRC or free Firefox extension Chatzilla, etc) just enter as the server and 6667 as the port and then join the #byopvr channel.

Special thanks again to MidZer0 for hosting the IRC channel and running the IRC server!