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New GBPVR Release! Now With More Client Server Goodness!

Posted on 11 September 2006 by

Everyone’s (well almost everyone’s) favorite free windows PVR/HTPC software GBPVR has just been updated to version number .98.8! As usual there’s a whole host of new refinements, bugfixes, and new features!

Here’s the official announcement over at the GBPVR forum and link to download.

discuss the release in our forum

###Here’s a copy of the changelog###
2006-8-8 v0.98.8
– Added PC client support. To install a client, do a normal install, then on the capture source page of the config app, tick the ‘act as client’ tick box and key in the server name. You can select to use either streaming or file sharing for playback. The file sharing option is required if you’re using DVR-MS files. I highly recommend the use of the SQLite database on the server if you want to run a client/server setup, it performs much better.
– Added initial DVB Subtitle support. Its only available for live preview mode, and video playback at this stage (not timeshift mode). Still a bit experimental, but let me know how you get on. Some additional information is required that was not previously collected – so you’ll need to rescan for channels to get this working. Make sure you hit ‘ok’ to save after rescanning.
– Fixed a bug with the new Video Library screen where the transcoding status window would not automatically update, and close once complete (ready for subsequent transcodings). This also corrected a problem with trying to convert DVR-MS files to other types.
– Fixed a bug with ATSC DVR-MS recordings.
– Fixed a bug that could result in a small amount file not being played on the MVP at the end of an audio/video file, and could also lead to server disconnections.
– Several changes on the MVP front to accomodate changes to both MVP hardware and Hauppauge dongle.bin software. GBMVP.BIN dongle is no longer included with the release, and will most likely not be returning in the future. Video in a window is now possible using the standard Hauppauge dongle.bin which is included with the release. These major changes mean old dongle.bin files may not work with GB-PVR (not tested though).
– Fixed a bug that could cause ‘record until I exit live tv’ function to drop the user back to the menu screen, particularly for DVB and ATSC capture devices.
– Fixed a bug with .m3u files in the recent music library rewrite.
– Fixed incorrect bda.ini entry for Freecom DVB-T stick.
– Fixed a bug where a plugin’s IMenuTask.deactivate() was not being called when user used shortcut keys to jump directly to other plugins like TV Guide.
– Fixed sort order for non-NTFS filesystems with Video/Music/Photo library
– Fixed a bug that could cause the Hauppauge MediaMVP screen saver to appear.
– Added a few small improvement to the look and behaviour of the tv guide, including SpecialElement tags to specify whether colors or icons are used to high scheduled recordings, and by how much currently playing shows should be brightened. Fixed bug with using linear colour gradients in listings, which were broken in some situations previously. Also improved selection of show when using the up/down keys to switch between channels.
– Improved behaviour when having to load several photos file to show thumbnails. Loading 9/12/16 large photos to produce thumbnails previously made for a bad experience. Now it only does a few photos at a time, which makes things appear more responsive. Will also use thumbs.db for fast access if it exists.
– Slightly improved DVB tuning logic. May help with a couple of problems I’ve seen mentioned.
– Built-in TFTP server will now be more reliable on networks that lose a lot of UDP packets.
– Dropped support of gbmvp.bin dongle, due to incompatibilities with new Hx model MVP hardware. Its extra features, like video in a window, have now been incorporated in to the Hauppauge dongle.
– A few small enhancements to the SkinHelper, including support for the tag, and named colors being able to reference other named colour. I’ve also moved a few more items into the BaseSkin.xml in the default blue skin (screen name, a few standard colours etc).
– Improved scanning for DVB-T. Should now automatically detect channels with 166KHz offset on those devices that previously had problem with this.
– When .srt files are recorded, now the filename has same case as the video file. Some players were previously confused by the lower case name.
– Fixed a bug with using MCE or USB-UIRT remotes when also using MVP servers
– Search Guide screen is now more skinnable. It also shows which episodes of show that are already scheduled or recorded.
– Changed the way non .MP3 audio files are transcoded for playback on the MVP. Much more robust than old mechanism.
– Changed the way IR200L IR blasting is done, to avoid a rare problem where the thirdparty IR200L code could cause the GB-PVR Recording Service to hang the main thread, stopping any future recordings.
– Minor changes to how ‘pending’ and ‘ready’ manual recordings are shown in the Recordings screen. Long filenams could previously could messy wrap around of text.
– fixed a couple of teletext bugs (high CPU usage in subtitle mode, background colours in subtitle mode, loss of teletext and subtitles during channel change)
– Fixed a bug that would cause each screen to be drawn twice for every keypress when using the Horizontal menu. This would slow things down, particularly when using higher resolution skins. Skins like Sassari should be much faster now.
– Fixed a bug that cause the second net radio station to stop prematurely when you try to listen to it.
– Added ‘settings’ screen in System menu. Its still a bit rough and only has a few settings as an initial cut. More to be added in coming releases.
– Fixed a bug that could cause AVI files to have their frame rate detected incorrectly. This would interfere with the use of comskip on AVI files.
– Fixed support for the and settings in config.xml when using the VMR9 Custom renderer
– Fixed a bug that could cause messages like ‘switching to timeshift mode’ to be shown over the menus rather than a black background
– Number pad can now be used for text entry on the search guide screen when using an MVP, or if you have the option enabled on misc tab of the config app
– You can now optionally specify the executable name used to perform transcoding in the setting in config.xml. The default is ffmpeg.exe.
– Transcode menu option in the video library now gives you the option to convert DVR-MS to MPEG2. This particular conversion now also works correctly with AC3 audio.
– Recordings screen will now auto refresh
– Fixed a bug with ‘record until’ popup when used from timeshift mode.
– Fixed a long standing bug where watching live tv on a capture source that was associated with a capture device that had an additional capture source that was about to start a recording could cause the recording to fail.