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New GBPVR Release v0.98.13 available

Posted on 21 October 2006 by

New GBPVR v0.98.13 available GBPVR is an excellent FREE windows based PVR and media center (or media centre if you prefer!) solution…

*whats new* 2006-9-20 v0.98.13
– Much improved ATSC HDTV support, including new channel scanning functionality.
– Added ATSC QAM support (digital cable) for the OnAir USB HDTV GT device.
– Added support for ViXS based capture cards.
– Added support for new Hauppauge HVR3000/HVR4000 devices including DVB-T, DVB-S and software encoding analog. These devices have one tuner for DVB-S, and another for DVB-T/analog, so these two can be done at the same time. HVR1100/900 could also work in theory with this software encoding, but will require updates to direct.ini. To support the analog side of these devices, GB-PVR reuses several SoftPVR components, so this Hauppauge supplied software must have been installed.
– Fixed a bug that could cause an error stopping live tv with analog devices
– Minor improvement to DVB-T scanning
– Fixed a bug where the left arrow key was not successfully deleting a character when typing a freetext search in the search guide screen. Made things difficult on the MVP.
– Improvements to the DVB EPG option.
– WMV playback on the MVP now uses ffmpeg for transcoding instead of the old trans2mvp method
– Fixed a bug that could cause an error when stopping net radio playback when using ‘VMR9 Custom’ video renderer
– Integrated functionality for system sounds, much like that available previously in the BleepBloop plugin. Can be enabled/disabled in the Settings screen. Works with all remote types (MCE, Hauppauge, Direct Access etc). Not available on MVP.
– Fixed a bug with the built-in MCE2005 IR Blaster support
– Fixed a problem with learning the ASPECT key when using an USB-UIRT remote control.
– Improved volume control, including OSD graphics. (not for MVP – I have very little control over the volume on the MVP, and no way to determine what the volume is)
– Fixed a bug that could cause live tv to not exit cleanly on an MVP when the tuner needs to be used for a recording.
– Fixed a view bugs with the DVD player, and improved compatibility with DVD nagivators from Cyberlink, Intervideo etc.