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New GBPVR Release Version v0.94.8

Posted on 13 September 2005 by

Sub has relased a new version of GBPVR onto the world! GBPVR v0.94.8 forum announcment and release notes!

Snippets from the release notes:

– Added support for using the EPG that is broadcast with DVB transmissions. Please note, you have to be using the default 2 for this to work. Those that changed to 1 will not be able to use this feature.
– Fixed a bug with auto detecting the the encoder/mux filter on the ATI 550 Pro
– When you’re in the search screen you can press the blue key to bring up a free text title search. It’s a bit of hack, and pretty primitive, but it gives you some more options if you need them.
– Fixed a bug with ratDVD playback
– Fixed an bug with cancelling recordings from the TV Guide.
– Minor changes to MVP DVR-MS support.
– You can now plugin a different MVP transcoder by creating a Trans2MVP.bat file. First argument is the name of the file to be played. The second argument is the name of the temporary MPEG file.
– Added a ‘remove channel’ button in the capture source settings.
– Added functionality to call ParallelProcessing.bat when a recording starts if the file exists.
– Added API for plugin developers to be able to start live TV.
– New ‘processing’ tab in config app, with several features…
+ Ability to configure system to use either Comskip or ShowAnalyzer
+ Ability to configure Comskip/SA during the recording
+ Ability to configure automated conversion of MPEG2 to WMV/XviD/DivX. WMV seems to the most reliable transcoding. xvid/divx can be quirky depending on versions of filters installed etc.
+ Ability to configure automated conversion of DVR-MS recordings to standard MPEG2, or WMV/XviD/DivX. See comments above regard WMV vs XviD/DivX.
…If you’re an MVP user, I recommend you stick with standard MPEG2 files since this is the only native file type the MVP can play. Anything else would require on the fly transcoding back to MPG format, which is less than desirable.
– Added logic to dynamically reload the comskip file when it is updated, which is usefull when you’re running Comskip/SA during the recording
– Fixed a bug where the screen saver picture wouldnt move on the MVP
– Added an auto fine-tuning for Hauppauge PVR cards to work around missing audio reported by some PVR150 owners

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