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New GBPVR Release

Posted on 22 February 2006 by

Everyone’s favorite free Windows based PVR/HTPC software suite has been updated yet again! GBPVR is now up to version 0.96.8!

See the official GBPVR announcement thread for more details and change log!

Copy of changelog below:

2006-2-21 v0.96.8
– Added a checkbox to disable plugins. This can be useful for tracing the source of faults.
– Fixed a bug that would cause the task description to not show when using a horizontal menu skin.
– Now supports video in a window (not for XCard/PVR350).
– Added option to use alternative MVP dongle. This is still very new, and a bit buggy. It does allow the video inset window which was not possible with the original Hauppauge dongle. Its not until you try to write these things yourself that you realise how well someone else has done…
– Added a setting in config.xml to set the processor affinity (ForceSingleProcessorAffinity), which can be invaluable for users with multiple CPUs or multi-core CPUs. With out this, directshow can stutter on many setups.
– Auto PID tracking for BDA users.
– Fixed a bug that would cause an error playing music with visualisations for user with USB-UIRT as an input device.
– VMR7 now also remembering the ‘last aspect ratio’.
– Added menu options to the system tray to start GB-PVR or Config. Also added about box showing the version number.
– Added a couple of extra database indexes that should speed up a few activies for people with huge numbers of show listings
– Fixed a bug that could cause manual reoccurring to not automatic schedule new recordings under a specific set of circumstances.
– Fixed a bug with season recording duplicate detection.
– Playing DVR-MS files will now use the video decoder you have selected in the config app, rather than the system default.
– Fixed a bug that would cause the music visualisations to not kick in with the screensaver
– Added option to use new VMR9 Custom Renderer. This allows the OSD to be updated when video is not being played, which is essential for displaying some status messages about the DVB signal. Also means you can skip while the video is paused.
– Fixed a bug that could cause an error message when deleting a file from the video library
– Fixed a bug that could cause playback to stop when switching net radio stations
– Some speed improvements in the recordings screen.
– Fixed a bug that could cause a 30 second stutter in timeshift mode.
– Added some logic to give recordings a second chance. 30 seconds after the recording was started, the file size is checked. If it is not growing normally, then the recording is stopped and restarted.
– Added some logic to cope with US broadcasts networks that create one or two minute show overlaps to confuse PVRs. It’ll default to allowing up to a three minute overlap, but this can be changed using the setting in config.xml. The overlap period will be missing from the beginning of the second show. This logic is only applied if no other tuner is available at the time.
– A couple buttons that previously didnt work on the MCE remotes now work.
– Several improvements to the usage of zap2it data…multiple capture source share the single EPG request if possible, incremental updates to cover gap betwen current guide data and requested days plus today and tomorrow.
– FM Radio screen is now uses composite images for the station list so that it is more skinable than previous releases.
– Partial aspect ratio control (F7) support for Overlay renderer. Those aspect ratios that specify a number outside of the range 0…1 (ie, off the side of the screen) will not work.
– Added a new ‘System’ screen which allows you to shutdown/hibernate/restart etc. It also shows a bit of summary system information. I also intended to have a ‘settings’ button in here to change plugin settings etc, but I ran out of time so this feature is hidden for now. It’ll make an appearance in the next release.
– Added checkbox and logic to the device configuration pages to ‘only show detected devices’. This should help with initial card setup difficulties that some users have.
– Added some logic to try to automatically compact the database after the EPG update. It can only do this if no other process is trying to actively use the database at the time.
– Fixed a couple of timeshift related bugs
– Fixed some other bugs which I forget.
– Added several languages to the default install, and the ability to switch between them in the config app.
– A right mouse button click now defaults to the same behaviour as pressing the ‘escape’ key.