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New GBPVR Released! GBPVR version .92.8

Posted on 24 May 2005 by

New GBPVR Released! GBPVR version .92.8 now available. See the GBPVR .92.8 announcement post for more details and download link.

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2005-05-24 GBPVR v0.92.08 Change log.

– After 18 months, I’m now sick of looking at the blue skin background, so I’ve created a new one. I’ve also changed the layout of the menu for the blue screen. They’re not a great match, but I’ve left the buttons the same colour and shape as before so that this default skin should still work with all plugins.
– Added initial support for audio file types other than MP3 on the MVP. I’ve tested mainly against WMA, but other should work as well (I have tried .m4a and a couple of others). This will transcode on the fly to MP3.
– OSD is now skinnable. The default OSD looks pretty much the same as before (other than a the mouse buttons), but this was big time consuming job. Hopefully we’ll see some skins making use of this feature soon.
– Next recording panel is now displayed on the main menu of the blue skin, and because of this been optomized to perform better.
– Changes to the behaviour of when you try to view live tv and no tuner is available. You can now choose to view one of the in progress recordings.
– Added new, much improved, DVD player. You can specify which DVD Navigator to use, but I recommend sticking with the default Microsoft one ‘DVD Navigator’. Every one I’ve tried seems to behave slightly differently, so some things dont work well with Cyberlink/InterVideo Navigators (problems with subtitles, mouse highlighting). I dont wont to have to code around the specific quirks of each of these.
– Added the ability to specify the maximum number of recordings to retain when performing a reoccuring recording.
– Rewrote “recordings” screen. Still fairly similar to the original one, but much more flexible skinning. Also added a ‘whats new’ button for showing recording from the last week.
– More changes to the DVB scan progress. .
– Added a Play All option to the video library and API for plugin developer to use video playlist. Fairly simple support, once it gets to the end the current file, it’ll move to the next one in the list, and so on until the end of the queue is reached. Before you ask, there is no mechanism to jump back to the previous file, once a file has been played it is removed from the video play queue.
– Fixed a bug that could cause live preview mode on the Hauppauge PVR USB2 to have no audio.
– Fixed a bug that cause an ‘Object reference not set to an instance of an object’ error with Live Preview mode when using the Intervideo NonCSS MPEG decoder.
– Added a ‘None’ EPG plugin option for when you dont intend to use an EPG.
– Fixed a caching bug with the built-in web server.
– Fixed a memory usage bug in GBPVRTray.exe.
– Fixed a bug with MPEG2 recording on the LifeView TV Walker.
– Fixed a bug where FF/RW on the MVP when would jump to the start of the video when used past the 4GB mark in the file.
– Fixed a bug the could caused playback of in-progress recordings to fail where non-english characters were used in the filename.
– When you cancel a single episode of a season recording, it now wont try to schedule that recording the next day.
– GB-PVR Tray application now shows capture source name.
– Bitrate control now working on the ATI 550 Pro devices.
– Now if press the ‘record’ buttton in live preview mode, it’ll switch to timeshift mode and start recording.
– Fixed a bug with BDA support when using multiple DVB cards of the same type. This is known to have caused problems with Hauppauge Nova-T, but may also have affected other types of device aswell.
– FM Radio now works on the ATI 550 Pro. The LAME MP3 encoder filter to be installed for this to work. You can get this free from…/
– Fixed a few problems with timeshift mode live tv. These problems were mainly affecting BDA users.
– Added a few speed optimizations for those with large lists of recordings.
– Live Preview mode now works on the XCard, but you must have the deinterlace setting set to ‘encoder pass-through’.
– Added new HaupBlast.exe, which can be used to control the Hauppauge PVR150 IRBlaster via the “.exe channel changer”. If you’re using Live Preview mode, you should use this method instead of the built-in “Hauppauge IR Blaster” plugin, which has issues with being shared by both the client and recording service.