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New GBPVR revision v0.20

Posted on 24 August 2004 by

I’m not sure how I missed this announcement from Friday, but found it via thanks to lowbrow.

GBPVR has been updated to version .20

You can read more about it in sub’s forum post or read more for a copy of the change log.

I’ve just uploaded the next release. You can download it from here (gbpvr download)

There isn’t really any new big flashy features in this release. Just lots of small fixes and tweaks. There is also the basis for multi-language support, which will please a few of our european friends.

You can just install this release over the last release, and it will retain most of your settings.

2004-8-20 v0.20
– Added the ability to change the number of rows shown in the TV Guide. The can be used to make it more readible for those that need it.
– Added command line option to force window to appear at specific location using -pos:x,y,width,height
– Added command line option to start DVD playback -dvd. You can also start a DVD from the hard drive (by pointing at directory containing ripped DVD) using -dvd:c:\dvds\AceVentura
– Added option to set the time the EPG is updated. The used to default to 3:00AM.
– More MVP stability improvements, and also changed a few MVP command orderings which makes it appear more responsive.
– Fixed a bug with Timeslot Season recordings between 10:00PM and 2:00AM.
– Added support for changing the language of the interface using the language.xml file. The search skin.xml also allows you to specify the search start chars for those not using the english 26 letter alphabet. Let me know if you spot other areas of the application requiring changes to support multi-language skins.
– During video playback, the blue key (or ctrl-b) shows the OSD for a few seconds.
– Now ensuring .exe channel changer starts in hidden window.
– Added support for GO7007SB devices with tuners.
– You can now install over the top of previous versions and retain settings between releases.
– Now showing channel numbers overlaid on video as you press number keys.
– Now also deleting empty directories when deleting recordings (if ‘auto create folders’ was turned on).
– Added option to config.xml, which can be used to disable the the PVR350 OSD.
– Corrected a problem on PVR350 which would cause the menu and OSD to blink after showing first video.
– Now auto-hiding mouse after 5 seconds of no mouse movement.
– Pressing the green key (Ctrl-G) in the music and video libraries will toggle between ‘sort by file name’ and ‘sort by date’
– No longer requiring .m3u files to start with #EXTM3U
– You can now PageUp/Down through matches on the ‘search guide’ screen using the skip foward/back buttons (or Page Up/Down keys). Now also sorting the listings returned.