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New GBPVR Version .22 Released

Posted on 15 October 2004 by

Sub has released GBPVR version .22

– Custom tasks now return the window to the correct state.
– Directly launching with -livetv parameter no longer results in ActiveMovie window when in fullscreen mode.
– Horizontal/Vertical zoom and offset settings in config.xml now work when playing video with VMR7/VMR9/Overlay.
– Now has option to wake machine to perfrom EPG update.
– Fixed a bug that would sometimes stop you from deleting a capture source.
– You can now change the duration in seconds of skip button. The default is currently 60 seconds.
– You can now configure GB-PVR to perform manual skips in seconds or minutes depending on your preference.

(read more for the rest of the update or visit the official GBPVR update thread)

– Now showing current time in TV Guide. This is configurable in the skin files. See blue skin for example of how to turn it on.
– Added “stop” button to net radio screen.
– More button lists now wrap around making for easier/quicker navigation.
– Improvements to multi-tuner conflicts. This also includes better tuner conflict management with live tv tuner usage, and changing allocated tuners if necessary. This also resolves an issue that could lead to recordings not taking place.
– When watching live tv, you can now push the yellow button to return to the previous channel you were viewing.
– Now able to use comskip for automatic detection of commercials. If comskip is found in the gbpvr directory, it is automatically run at the end of each recording to detect commercials (at low priority). Comskip is separate third party application available for free download from….d=1251. During playback you can press “0” followed by the skip forward or back keys to move between the detected commercial break points. After downloading comskip and placing it in your gbpvr directory, you’ll need to edit the comskip.ini and enter the correct ‘frames per seconds’ etc depending on your location in the world.
– Plugin developers can now use the PluginHelper.ShowMessage() method to display on-screen messages. Plugins could be developed for CallerID etc. Its a little ugly looking on the screen at the moment, but it works.
– The Recording Service has been altered to be able to record files shows with multi-byte character sets (tested on hebrew). Previously it would create the directory, but fail to create the video file.
– Minor changes to Direct Recording Source / GO7007SB / Tuning Assistant to correctly cope with localized naming conventions used in some parts of the world.
– Added a couple of tweaks to the MVP FF/RW functionality. This should resolve an issue that would cause GBV-PVR to return to the main menu during fast-forwarding on the MVP.
– Now automatically handling daylight savings for zap2it users. I’ve removed the timezone setting in the config app. GB-PVR is now using the windows timezone settings.
– Added a Scart RGB option to the XCard settings.
– Fixed a really annoying bug that would sometimes cause scheduled recordings not to record after viewing live tv.
– Its now also possible showing Close Caption information for the regular Intervideo mpeg decoder. Previously this only worked for the NonCSS version.
– Improved tab order in config app.
– New GBPVRTray.exe which can be used to give you visibility of what your capture devices are doing. This replaces the tray icon that was part of the recording service in the last release. Also enables you to easily restart the recording service.