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New GBPVR Version .23 Released!

Posted on 27 November 2004 by

Sub has updated and uploaded the latest revision to his excellent andfree GBPVR He’s posted all the details as to what’s new and improved in GBPVR .23 (direct GBPVR .23 link from the gbpvr server)

“This is a big release with a lot of changes, and includes any of the big ticket items that I’ve been putting off for months. The release has had quite a bit of testing, but given the amount of change – if you’re after a super stable system, this may not be the release for you.

From the change.log
2004-11-28 v0.23
Added support for the new Hauppauge cards, specifically the PVR150 and PVR500 (dual tuner).
LiveTV support has been entirely redeveloped. You can now FF/Skip during LiveTV for PC/XCard/PVR350/MVP. In theory your can also RW, but this seems to only works sometimes – work in progress and all that…
– You can now press the “record” button on your remote whilst watching a program to record it. This records everything that GB-PVR has on the program, including the bits you’ve already watched. Please note, when you start a recording this way, it’ll also stop when you leave live tv.
– You can now play a recording that is already in progress with out being kicked back to the menu half way through.
– Added SECAM support for GO7007SB based capture devices.
– Initial support for the LifeView TV Walker mini. This no longer required WinDVD Creator to be installed. One of the steps (IAMCrossbar->Route()) when starting live tv is very slow on this device, which makes it very slow to start livetv for the first time.
– Now includes support for MPEG2 variable bit rate (VBR) recordings.

– Manual recording has been totally redeveloped. You should recreate any manual recording you have previously set up.
– The “Play” key can now be used to skip to the next commercial skip point if video is already playing, and comskip file is available. You can still also use the “0” skip-forward/skip-back key combination from the last release.
– There is now an option to group “available” recordings.
– Conflict management screen now available (off Recordings screen) for managing conflicts between reoccuring recordings
– Made a few more skin features configurable. If you maintain a skin, see the separate post that lists the changes.
– You can now specify submenus to allow you to group functionality, instead of just one big list of buttons.
– You can now update existing pending recordings (padding, quality etc).
– Green can be used for page up in the tv guide. Blue for page down.
– Pressing Play in the tv guide on a show that is currently playing will start live tv.
– Added a couple of panels to the menu showing information (clock and pending recordings). They’re disabled by default, but can be enabled easily in the “skin\blue\mainmenu\skin.xml” file.
– You can now launch any of the menu items directly from the command line using the “-direct” parameters. This replaces the old hard coded parameters (-livetv etc). As an example, GBPVR.EXE -direct “live tv”.
– Added native support for the RedRat3. For IRDA support, you’ll need to continue to use the .exe channel changer for now.
– Added option to config.xml to disable the OSD during video playback. This makes the MVP much much more responsive.”