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New Giveaway: PVR150 or MediaMVP to “best” poster

Posted on 08 April 2005 by

Thought it was time for another giveaway 😛

It’s open to registered forum users only with shipping addresses in the continental USA (sorry, at some point we’ll have a giveaway open to international users!)

The “contest” is running through the month of April 2005. (ends April 30th midnight Eastern).

Basically, the user who gets the most forum Karma on the board between the start of April till the end of April will get their choice of a Hauppauge MediaMVP or a hauppauge wintv PVR150 retail courtesy of BYOPVR.

So how do you get Karma? You post thoughtful/helpful/interesting posts and replies to questions in the forum and other users can click on the “good post” link next to your avatar to give you a karma point or “meh” for a bad post docking you a point for a flame post or jerky reply.

I’ve setup a FAQ page that i’m hoping you’ll help with and a chance to earn Karma points from me ;D

In the event of a tie the byopvr moderators will be the tie breakers using advanced selection criteria.

Any shennanigans or fraudulent posting/karma boosting will make you inelligible and probably banned from the forums/site. I’m trying to reward the solid contributors to the site, not have a bunch of spammy posts and fake user accounts. No collusion of Karma is allowed either! Play nice, play fair, have fun!

more info on the giveaway forum post