New Hauppauge PVR for Mac / OSX Eskape myTV.PVR

Posted on 02 July 2005 by

SHS from our favorite place to get Hauppauge Beta drivers posted a heads up on our forum about a new Hauppauge Mac / OSX PVR product complete with lots of pics and screenshots.

The myTV.PVR is coming out of Eskape labs which appears to be the Mac / OSX division/spinoff of Hauppauge

The myTV.PVR is comprable to Hauppauge’s WinTV PVR USB 2.0 but is white, has an OSX driver, has the newer 45 button remote, and is bundled with the OSX MyTV/x PVR / TV viewing software.

It’s good to see more hardware encoding MPEG2 tuner cards on the market geared towards the Mac / OSX crowd.

( see also: new mac pvr thread over at SHSpvr’s forum )

The myTV.PVR features:

125 channel cable ready TV Tuner/FM Radio Tuner
Conexant CX25843 A/V Decoder
Conexant CX23416 Hardware MPEG-2 Encoder
TV input
FM input
RCA Composite
Left RCA Audio
Right RCA Audio
45 button Remote

* 125-channel cable ready TV tuner for use with cable TV or TV antennas
* FM Stereo radio tuner
* Auxiliary audio/video inputs: com-posite or s-video (NTSC, PAL and SECAM video formats) plus audio
* Maximum frame rate (capture and play through): 29.97fps NTSC; 25fps PAL
* Maximum video capture size: 720×480 NTSC; 720×576 PAL
* Hardware Video Compressor: MPEG1 and MPEG2
* USB 2.0 and v1.1 compliant
* Plug & Play
* FCC Class B and CE compliant

### requirements ###
* 500Mhz G4 processor (minimum) 900mhz G4 recommended
* QuartzExtreme video card
* Apple® factory USB
* MacOS 10.3.8 (or higher)
* 256MB RAM (minimum)
* 3GB hard drive space (minimum) 10GB recomended
*Optional: DVD or CD writer for burning your videos or TV shows onto Video CD, S-Video CD or DVD. Also requires Burning software – for VCD / SVCD try Roxio Toast or NTI Dragon Burn. For DVD try Roxio Toast.

### compatibility###
* G4 & G5 Macintosh computers
* Factory installed USB port with or without powered USB hub
* MacOS 10.3.8 (or higher)
* Television: non-scrambled cable TV or over the air broadcasts
* Video sources: NTSC, PAL & SECAM from s-video or composite video

### includes ###
* myTV.PVR device with 125 channel cable ready TV tuner, FM radio receiver, MPEG-2 hardware audio/video encoder
* Remote control transmitter
* Wall mounted power supply
* 1 meter USB cable
* FM radio antenna
* Quick Install Guide
* myTV.PVR CD-ROM includes MyTV/x for: Viewing Live TV on your computer screen