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New HTPC Software Resource Site:

Posted on 29 October 2005 by

Hobbes487 wrote “I have created a new community that focuses completely on software for HTPCs. This includes frontends, media players, utilites, etc. On the site there is news about HTPC software, a version tracker to make sure every elemept of your HTPC is up to date, user submitted reviews, and a forum for discussion about all things software for HTPCs. Come check us out at (HTPC SoftWare)

My main idea for the site is to have a place where people can get help with programs they want to use for their HTPC. I know when I was building my first HTPC it was hard to find a lot of help with certain programs. Most of the information I got was about what hardware to choose and what was compatiple with what. This was all extremely helpful, but once I got the thing built I was a little lost when it came to choose what software to use. There are all kinds of neat little programs that do very specific tasks and I want my site to be a place where people can go to find out about all these programs.”

We wish hobbes487 luck with his site and hope it becomes another excellent resource and tool for the greater DIY PVR / HTPC building community!