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New KnoppMyth Release 4 Version 3 “Fat Agnus”

Posted on 28 April 2004 by

New KnoppMyth Release 4V3 “Fat Agnus” changelog available here (or if you read more it will be in the body of this article)

If you aren’t in the know: KnoppMyth is an easier way to get into the Linux PVR/DVR HTPC scene if you are new to Linux. It’s a bootable ISO (cd image) based on the Knoppix Linux distribution (which in turn is based on Debian, right?) and has a nifty walktrough install for the OS, MythTV, and dependencies. Great for a Linux noob to get started with (or rank amateurs like me!).

##### change log #####
Release 4 Version 3 “Fat Agnus”
Updated Kernel to 2.4.25 patched w/
APIC and Local APIC is disabled
bootsplash(add_bootsplash after installing and reboot)
low latency
LIRC 0.7.0pre4
XMLTV 0.5.31-1
Little fixes here and there
There are 2 additional versions of the kernel for the pcHDTV card(same patched as above less V4L2) and SMP
same patches as above. There can be found in /usr/src/debs.