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New KnoppMyth Release R5A22

Posted on 27 October 2005 by

There’s a new release of the excellent easy to install MythTV specific linux distro KnoppMyth nicknamed “Crouching Tiger, High Def Dragon” 😉

see the knoppmyth announcement thread (with torrent download links)

Some of the highlights:
“First KRP-aware release.
* Integrated KRP logic into installation and configuration scripts.
* Dragon installation and configuration 99% automated.
* Added system-independent auto-detection and configuration.
* More LIRC remotes auto-detected and configured.
* Channel icons now download automatically.
* MythWeather locale setting improved or autoconfigured, depending on your system.
* nVidia drivers now auto-install on first boot.
* Unified keybindings across applications.
* Fixed ATI Remote Wonder button repeat bug.
* MythWeb now uses basic Apache authentication by default.
* mythtv-setup no longer runs twice.
* MythWeb links to media work again.
* (BETA) adds resume functionality to MythVideo (mplayer).
* IvyTV 0.4.0″

Sounds like an a pretty important evolution in the Knoppmyth install package. My only complaint with KnoppMyth is that it almost makes things too easy on the linux front 😉