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New Low Power Processor: Intel Shelton

Posted on 18 September 2004 by

EPIACenter linked to some interesting information on Intel’s new low power “Shelton” series of chips. It looks like it’s a bigger platform than mini-itx and smaller than flex-atx which probably means more confusion when buying a small form factor case =) (although hopefully they were smart enough to make the mounting posts/etc ATX and flex-atx compatible)

Check out this babelfish translation of chinese tech site HKEPC’s article on the Intel Shelton.

Xbit labs article Intel Targets Embedded Systems with Shelton Chip
“Intel’s Shelton Platform Reportedly Intended for Embedded Systems The Shelton chip appears to be based on the P6/Intel Pentium M architecture and is made using 130nm.”

The Inquirer reports “Cacheless Intel Shelton takes on AMD Sempron

Overclockers asks is Intel taking on Via?