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New Release of GBPVR Version .21

Posted on 08 September 2004 by

Sub’s been busy. GBPVR version .21 has been released. Check out the official announcement and changelog or read more

Some highlights: MediaMVP server can now run as a service, new website interface for remote web based scheduling, a bunch of fixes, improvements, and smaller helper apps.

It’s kinda of neat to see GBPVR get new features and become more and more refined with each release. =)

The new release is now available at

From the change.log:

2004-9-7 v0.21
– You can now configure GB-PVR to run MVP servers as part of the background service. In short, you no longer need to logged in, or manually start the GBPVR MVP Servers to use the MVP. Network shares wont be accessible when running this way.
– Flashy new website for remote web scheduling of recording. A big thanks to ricecrazy for all the hard work he put in designing this.
– Added a new Tuning Assistant app for those with problems determining the channel numbers used by your broadcaster. This will be more closely integrated in the next release.
– Added Atlantic Daylight/Standard time as an option for the zap2it timezones.
– Added setting to config.xml to allow use to change the transparency level of the OSD on video. Values 0 through 255 are acceptable.
– Can now play DVDs from .ISO files. To use this functionality you need to install Daemon tools installed. You can download this for free from
– Now able to specify a specific directory for livetv buffer files.
– Preloading tv listings in background when GB-PVR first starts. This can be much quicker when you first access the TV Guide.
– Added PluginHelper APIs to enable plugin developers to play DVDs.
– Added a couple of new command line options. -topmost to keep GB-PVR in the foreground even when it is not the active application, and -noframe to start GB-PVR with out a titlebar.
– Fixed a bug with PVR350 LiveTV that would cause a soft lockup after about an hour.
– Fixed a couple of bits of display text that wasn’t using the language.xml file for translations.
– Volume controls now works when playing DVDs.
– Keys 0 thru 9 can now be used on main menu to take you instantly to any of the first 10 buttons.
– Fixed a reoccuring manual recordings bug, and also changed how they are listed in the recordings screen.
– Pushing unsolicited screen updates out to the MVP are now working correctly (previously you had to press a key). This improves lots of small things in the application on the MVP. Things like netradio song name now automatically refresh when the song changes etc.
– Created GBPVRWake for restarting PVR350 driver after system wakes from hibernation.
– Added .rm (RealMedia) to the list of video filename extensions. To use it still requires a compatible directshow codec to be installed.

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