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New SageTV 2.1 web access plugin

Posted on 19 November 2004 by

As many of you know, BeyondTV has had a feature edge over SageTV because of the ability to configure your recordings remotely over the internet. Well, SageTV forum member nielm has graciously created a Plugin WebServer for SageTV 2.1. I’ve not tried it out yet, but I intend to. I have concerns about security, but apparently those have been addressed.

From his post on the Frey Technologies Forums:

Ok, you have all be crying out for this for a while, and here it is…

Webserver for SageTV 2.1 (Screen shots)


* Tv guide
* recordings management
* conflict resolution
* manual recordings
* timed recordings

It’s a 200K download and is a java web server embedded into the SageTV process: no IIS or Apache needed!


v1.1 19/Nov/2004

* Better handling of invalid values in sort/filter/group options
* Delete file when running in SageTVService now works