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New Site Sponsors

Posted on 15 June 2004 by

I’m happy to announce the addition of two new sponsors to the BYOPVR family. PC Alchemy and SageTV.

Without their support it would be difficult/impossible to keep the dedicated server we are on running. Both SageTV and PC Alchemy are committed to helping BYOPVR and the greater PVR/HTPC community grow and serve this community’s needs.

PC Alchemy has the best prices I’ve seen on a lot of the HTPC / PVR gear out there (feel free to do your research first on froogle / pricewatch though) and my discussions with friendly folks at PCAlchemy lead me to believe they are going to continue to add more and more exciting HTPC / DIY PVR products to their catalog.

I’m absolutely smitten with SageTV‘s support of the Hauppauge WinTV PVR350‘s TV out (including OSD/menus!!!). A review of the latest version of SageTV is currently brewing.

I do want to assure everyone that we only accept advertising from partners we trust, and do not intend to increase the number of ads beyond what you see currently. I don’t want the site to become a pimped out, flashing, ad-whore metropolis, nextel cup nascar paintjob. I made a concerted effort to pare down other ads (like the amazon ads that were up to offset the inclusion of the new ads)

I’d also like to take the time to re-iterate that advertisers or manufacturers do not influence our reviews or rankings. We strive hard to maintain our integrity here at byopvr. Our main goal is to continue to grow this awesome DIY PVR / HTPC community. Our secondary goal is to play with lots of neat stuff and tell you what works and what doesn’t. =) The site is about you and your projects and the sharing of ideas and information that makes for a better project experience.

rampy out!