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Nielsen to collect DVR user data

Posted on 22 December 2005 by

Finally, your DVR viewing will matter towards ratings

    Nielsen Media Research will begin measuring the viewing of digital video recorders next week, but it will be a while before time-shifted ratings will find their way into the everyday currency of networks and ad buyers.

    Responding to the requests of clients who wanted to know how DVR use affected viewing, Nielsen will now offer three ratings per program and network: Live, Live/Same Day (which includes same-day playback via DVR) and Live+7 Day Ratings (live along with time-shifted viewing up to 168 hours after airing).

I often wondered what the DVR was doing to ratings and how it effected what I see on TV. My fear was, only those nitwits that were behind the times were being counted, and God only knows what kinds of shows THEY like to watch!