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Nightmare on Your Street: Return of the Living Broadcast Flag

Posted on 26 September 2005 by

*sigh* not that I expected it to just go away quietly in the night, but there’s some interesting not all that speculative speculation/commentary on how the MPAA and RIAA are teaming up for the uber-Broadcast Flag Congress end-a-round

Via the anti-DRM broadcast flag haterz at BoingBoing 😉

“MPAA/RIAA subvert democracy with super-broadcast-flag bid
The RIAA and MPAA have teamed up to demand that Congress get the FCC to create a super-duper broadcast flag for radio and TV. This means that they’ll get a veto over pretty much anything that can play video or music — from your iPod to your PC’s tuner card.

My cow-orker Danny O’Brien has written a brilliant, witty explanation of how the MPAA and RIAA are pulling this off in Congress, sneaking around behind closed doors to get this enacted without debate — and what you can do to stop the enterainment cartels to stop undermining American democracy

It’s time to renew/reup my EFF donation/membership and suggest you consider it as well. (and not JUST for the BroadCast Flag stuff, they do a lot of defense of p2p and other digital fair use rights stuff that’s important, IMHO!)