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Why Nonprofits Need Money During the Holidays

Posted on 26 November 2017 by sam

Why Nonprofits Need Money During the Holidays

November arrives, and with it comes the deluge of requests from nonprofits looking for holiday donations. They fill up your mailbox if you don’t check it for a few days. They pour in your inbox as well, joining the cluster of holiday shopping offers you get from pretty much every retailer you’ve ever shopped at (and many you haven’t). You might even get a phone call asking if you would consider donating. It’s easy for it to feel like a bit much, but there are multiple reasons why charities really ramp up their fundraising efforts during the holidays.

People are feeling more generous

Whether consciously or not, most of us try to spend a little more to help others during the holidays. Sometimes we’re helping family members and loved ones. Does your sister want to take dance lessons with her fiance before their wedding day? You’ll probably be more inclined to buy them a few sessions at a dance academy during the period from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Is your mother dealing with a lot of neck pain that she can’t quite explain? Now’s a great time to buy her a gift certificate to a local massage parlor. It may be the spirit of the season, but you’re more likely to hear about someone with a problem and think “I can help” if you hear about it closer to the holidays.

Then there are the people who get holiday bonuses. Not everyone is lucky enough to be handed an extra check in December, but those who are will probably be more inclined to spend some of it on those who are less fortunate. When someone gives you bonus money, it’s easy to think about how fortunate you are in comparison to others. There are so many people who could use a hand around Christmas, whether it’s homeless people lining up at a soup kitchen or a kid in poverty who isn’t sure if he’ll have anything to unwrap Christmas morning. It may sound a bit cheesy, but giving to a good cause is a way for many people to tell themselves, “This is what Christmas is really about.”

It’s the end of the year

Charities typically set annual fundraising goals, and December means it’s the last chance for them to meet those goals. Smaller charities may set a goal of a few thousand a year, while massive national charities will hope to raise millions of dollars from January 1 to December 31. If they don’t mean the goals, that means they’ll have to make cutbacks in their services, which might mean turning away people in desperate need of help. No charity wants to think about doing that, and so they’ll start contracting with call centers. Non-profit fundraising at the Donor Care Center can provide a more cost-efficient way for charities to raise money.

Some people are suspicious when they receive calls from people claiming to represent a charity. In these times, that’s understandable. Feel free to ask questions about the charity the person is calling on behalf of. If you want to donate over the phone, that’s great, but you can also politely decline and perform some of your own research on the organization first. Then you can donate online or by mail if you decide it’s a cause you’re comfortable supporting.