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Nvidia Store Finally Opens: Nvidia PureVideo MPEG/DVD Decoder for sale!

Posted on 05 August 2005 by

Thanks to G808 for pointing this out: The Nvidia store is now open! Normally an online store opening or addition of a shopping cart isn’t really newsworthy, however, in this case it’s been long awaited.

The Nvidia DVD / MPEG2 Decoder is considered one of the best DVD/MPEG2 Software decoders around BUT you couldn’t buy it directly from Nvidia or nearly anywhere for that matter. You had to either get the decoder packaged with an Nvidia card or purchase the TheaterTek DVD software ($69.95 / $89.95). You could also get the Nvdia DVD decoder by purchasing it with hardware from PCAlchemy (+$9.95) which was a welcome option.

BTW: You do not have to have an Nvidia video card to take advantage of the Nvidia PureVideo MPEG Decoder; it works with most video cards (including ATI), and can take advantage of cards with DXVA acceleration to help offload the CPU usage to the graphics cards GPU.

They are offering the Nvidia PureVideo DVD decoder in three different tiers / price range from cheapest to most costly: bronze ($19.95), gold ($29.95), & platinum ($49.95). The different feature sets seem to revolve around different levels and number of channels of dolby decoding and digital surround sound spidf pass through capabilties in the higher tiers.

NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder enables the industry’s highest quality DVD and MPEG-2 playback and rich surround sound audio for Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center Edition. Featuring Dolby® Digital surround sound audio and hardware acceleration for compatible graphics processors, the NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder delivers unmatched color fidelity and smooth DVD, video, and TV viewing. When paired with a GeForce GPU, NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder enables adaptive de-interlacing and high quality filtering for the ultimate home theater experience.

Nvidia Store Finally Opens: Nvidia Pure Video MPEG/DVD Decoder for sale!”

You can download a 60-day trial to see it for yourself: Nvidia PureVideo Decoder Trial Download

Here’s the stats on the Platinum tier Nvidia PureVideo DVD decoder:

# Enables DVD viewing with Microsoft® Windows Media® Player or Microsoft Windows® Media Center Edition*
# High quality MPEG-2 decoder supports any third party software application based upon Microsoft DirectShow®
# Dolby® Digital surround sound and DTS® decoding
# Minimizes CPU utilization by offloading the MPEG-2 decoding onto the graphics processor
# Enables advanced de-interlacing
# Enables plugin that allows playback of high-definition MPEG-2 streams in Windows Media Player or Media Center
# Supports Windows Mobile-based Portable Media Centers allowing end users to transcode MPEG-2 content into Windows Media Video 9
# S/PDIF pass through for external decoding of Dolby Digital and DTS (compatible hardware required)