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Outdoor Home Theater From Michigan State University Fans

Posted on 23 April 2013 by sam

The fans of Michigan State University have come up with an outdoor home theatre that includes a 9ft wide screen and needs an iPad to access. The system is perfectly designed to be installed outdoors, as the screen is hidden behind a retractable glass shield that can be remotely controlled, and there are also the weather proof speakers providing ultimate outdoor entertaining experience.

Scoring tickets for big games and other entertainment events is not always easy, and now, with these outdoor home theaters you can still be a part of the live outdoor action right from your home and enjoy with your whole family and friends. Colorworks Studio, that has designed the system is actively engaged with the A/V procedure with Grand Home Automation. Thus, you can surf the channels or listen to music from anywhere in the house, as it Wi-Fi enabled.

Outdoor home theatre

To offer maximum protection from the natural elements, the system has a specially programmed control system and the screen, the projector and all other components are also cleverly installed for maximum protection. The screen can be easily adjusted by using an RTI remote, and in case of extreme weather condition the control system will automatically shut down the entire system.

The 9ft wide screen ensures a brilliant viewing experience, as if watching a game at the stadium. The audio is equally fantastic, and the whole family can enjoy the sound effects even from the patio or the swimming pool. The speakers play loudly, without any distortion, and produce a surround sound that is almost as good as in a live game play.

It can easily take the center stage in your back yard and the secret of unlimited entertainment for you and your family. So what are you waiting for? Experience this stupendous home theater system today!

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