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P2P “Piracy” Breathes New Life In To Rejected TV Pilot

Posted on 28 June 2005 by

I’m sure that all of you have heard of the recent MGM v. Grokster decision which in effect put P2P on trial before the United State’s highest court.

In the midst of all this litigation, it seems that P2P has done some good. Slashdot is reporting that bit-torrent P2P has boosted viewer interest in a new Sci-Fi show that was leaked to the ‘Net shortly after the pilot was turned down by the WB. It now appears that the show, Frequency, may now have second life and is under review to perhaps be picked up afterall, thanks to the strong interest/support shown on the “illegally” P2P distributed pilot. See the Wired article: Rejected TV Pilot Thrives on P2P

This type of thing has happened before with the Sci-Fi Channel hit show Battlestar Galactica owing some of its success to P2P “piracy”

P2P is not all bad, see? It’s a new opportunity for distribution and reaching new/more audiences… not an adversary to try and stomp out.