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PCAlchemy Pre-Configured M1B Mini Media Center PC Reviewed

Posted on 22 September 2006 by

PCAlchemy had their Mini M1B HTPC reviewed by Mobility Guru (one of the Tom’s Harware sub-sites)… Just to be clear, it’s the PC’s that are mini, not the review 😉

I’m going to share the conclusion of the review here as I’m kinda proud of the crew over at PCAlchemy for scoring such high marks…

“The winning unit in this field of candidates is the PC Alchemy M1B Mini Media Center PC. With an absolutely tiny footprint, and a great combination of built-in and bundled components and capabilities, this unit looks ready to slide into entertainment centers all over the place. With at least decent performance characteristics (if not typically better than that, as our scoring shows) and lacking only wireless networking, Bluetooth capabilities, and an HDTV tuner out of the box to be as fully equipped as one might wish, this unit offers a great combination of small size and capable power. In fact, when combined with an external USB hard drive of 300 GB or larger, it occupies only slightly more volume than does the WinBook Jiv or M2B (when combined with our Acomdata 300GB USB drive, the total volume for both units is only 139 in3, or just 17 in3 more than the Jiv or M2B case). The tiny powered, four-port USB hub and the equally small IR transceiver make it easy to use and expand on, and offer a great value for the $1,200 discounted price currently available from PC Alchemy.

PCAlchelmy had another unit in the review that hadd a slightly larger footprint which you can also scope out on the mini preconfigured MCE systems page.

thanks to Miller for pointing this out… discuss this article in the byopvr forum