Playstation PVR

Posted on 16 June 2004 by

As seen on The Register

According to the article Sony has announced the newest in the PVR/PSX2 lineup. New is the ability to burn a DVD of PVRed content. Release date is July 1st for Japan of course. Europe by end of year. And the US? Probably never. I’m dissapointed that it’s not black. I think it sets some record for most logos (DVD, PSX2, etc.) on one device. 🙂

Anyway check it out here.

Slashdot coverage

from the register article:
“Sony will update its PSX personal video recorder/Playstation 2 combo device family on 1 July following the company’s move to suspend production of the original models earlier this year.

The new models, the DESR-5100 and DESR-7100, offer the same storage capacity – 160GB and 250GB, respectively – as their predecessors, the DESR-5000 and DESR- 7000. What’s changed is the introduction of a better graphical user interface and the ability to add DVD-style menus to content copied from the unit’s hard drive to a DVD-R, DVD-RW or DVD+RW disc.”