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PromiseTV, PVR records a month’s worth of shows from all channels

Posted on 26 July 2005 by

I was intrigued by Cory Doctorow’s boingboing post on a project he saw at the OpenTech Conference in London which has a lot of “promise” 🙂

PromiseTV PVR records a month’s worth of shows from all channels (see also a sea of Slashdot Comments and a promiseTV discussion brewing in our forum)

My understanding is that it’s legitimate, although it’s a slight overstatement as for a consumer it would be prohibitively expensive (right now) to store 30 days worth of 35 channels, but it is possible based upon what they’ve done as a proof of concept.

They’ve taken some off the shelf DVB-T “freeview” tuner cards and are pulling down the 1 full multiplex “stream” stream per card (there are 6 multiplexes that carry the 35 or so freeview DTV terrestially broadcast channels in the UK). So they are essentially slurping down digitally 6 channels at once instead of “tuning” just one, and writing it out to disk (and presumably have some way to split that out into useful mpg files for playback)

Here’s a Flicker photo of the promiseTV 3 tuner card 4.2TB demo box (which if you were judcious in what channels you wanted to record you could still slurp down a full week or two’s of like 16 channels or so.. incredible!

Their site is a little sparse on details but they have an email list for further announcements you can join:

( hat tip PVRwire )