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Proper Cable Organization is The Key to Safety and Success

Posted on 08 December 2017 by sam

Picture a mess of confusing cables running in every direction. There’s a blue cable  intersecting with a black one; a green cable disappears as you search for a red one. Trying to find where one cable begins and where another ends is a terrible maze! Tangled and loose cables are not only annoying, they’re a safety hazard as well. Cables on the floor are a trip hazard, cables hanging in the air are even more dangerous. If your business or hobby utilizes a system with multiple cables, keeping them neat and organized is absolutely essential.

Whatever type of cable you’re using–whether fiber optic or mechanical–organization is the key to a safe operation. Here’s an easy solution: House your cables together in a group. While electrical tape or flexible ties can be suitable for some cable types, a perforated metal tube provides the clarity and flexibility to run your operation flawlessly. The ability to see your cables through the housing gives you the ability to make certain each one is functioning properly.

Are you looking for a simple idea to safely organize your mechanical cables? As you know, these types of cables need a bit of leeway when operating. The movement from one input to the other causes the cable to move around, you’ll need to account for this. Simply taping the cables together won’t work. By housing your group in a flexible metal tube, you’ll find peace of mind in safety. Once you’ve completed your organizational setup, consider building custom cables for your newly optimized project.

Tangled cables lead to lost productivity. Time spent re-arranging a mess is time sacrificed in the work day. Need to rearrange your shop? Do you travel with a hobby project? When your cable system is housed together, you increase your productivity.

Imagine a client comes to your shop. Are your cables safely and neatly organized? Do your cables follow a set path? Organized cable systems present a professional and clean look for your business.

Consider the following example: a group of high school seniors consistently travel to robotics competitions. They’ve built a beautiful machine, owing its performance to mechanical cables and high technology. When they travel with their robot, it must be disassembled and rebuilt at each stop. They run their cables through perforated metal tubing, ensuring not only a clean look but a highly functional one as well. When they reach their destination, setup is a breeze. Their success as a team is directly linked to properly organized cables.

A clean and organized look speaks volumes about your endeavor. Don’t ignore the pressing need to keep your cables organized. With a streamlined system, you’ll find that a little time and a small investment in metal tubing will only lead to satisfaction. Don’t let a tangled cable setup steal any of your precious productivity. The solution is simple and clear. When combined, safety and productivity take your business to heights unknown. Keep those cable setups neat and clean. You’ll be glad you did.