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Protecting Your Company from Outside Threats

Posted on 20 January 2018 by sam

Your company does well protecting itself from the inside. Your employees are trusted individuals. You have in-office security measures. Day to day office life is a well-oiled machine, where little goes wrong, HR is in control, and your company is safe from harm.

When it comes to outside threats, however, you need to be prepared for the potential problems your company could be facing. As the world expands, the internet connecting us to millions of possibilities, the face of business changes. New dangers arise in every new era, and we as a culture are experiencing a new, growing era of internet business. As business changes, it’s important for your company to be prepared. Two issues to be aware of, money laundering and data theft, can be prevented if your business prepares in advance.

What is money laundering, and whom does it affect? Money laundering is the process of transforming the profits of crime into ostensibly legal assets. Businesses are prime money laundering venues. If employees or business directors are bribed, businesses can process the illegally gained funds, legitimizing them. Not only does this ruin the reputation of the business, it makes the business complicit. A single employee has the power to run money laundering on the side, through company resources. In order to protect your company, your business needs to be AML complaint. Anti-Money Laundering rules help detect and report suspicious activity, including the predicate offenses to money laundering and terrorist financing, such as market manipulation and securities fraud. Talk to an AML Compliance Solutions company to get started.

Another threat facing businesses, as the internet swells, is data theft. Sensitive information, if leaked, could end up on the web and seem impossible to get down. Hiring a data protection company will alleviate this threat, as data protection companies now protect your information across the internet. Without even needing access to your original data, a data protection company will alert you if your information shows up online. In the event of an incident, they offer immediate next-steps to help recover your information.

It’s important to realize the many potential dangers facing your company and to take action against them. Both a data leak and an exposed money laundering scheme have the potential to take your business down, and you need to be prepped against such an outcome. Qualified companies will make the process of bolstering your business easier, so you can feel prepared against possible threats. As the world becomes more complex, due to internet expansion and the potential for communication, it’s important to be ready for the dangers this new world brings. Your business can rest in peace once you know you’re armored against new dangers in a brave new world.