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Pulse-Eight’s Affordable Universal Remote Includes Full Keyboard

Posted on 17 April 2012 by sam

The Pulse-Eight Motorola NYXBoard Hybrid remote’s small package hides a lot of functionality.

If you’ve got a home-built PVR or HTPC, you’ve probably got quite a few requirements of your remote. Infrared (IR) support is obvious. If you want to hide away your PC, you’d also like Radio Frequency (RF) control. And since this is a PC we’re talking about, a keyboard would be handy too.

Many remotes that offer all of this are either very bulky (an actual keyboard) or are very pricy (many of Logitech’s remote). The NYXBoard Hybrid is neither. It’s an affordable remote, only a little thicker than an normal one with a full (albeit small) keyboard on the back. You won’t be typing your new book on the keyboard, but it’s perfect to do a quick search in your movie collection or enter a short review.

AnandTech has a full review

(via Missing Remote, thanks to Miller for the tip)