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PVR & HTPC News Tidbit Round Up

Posted on 20 September 2004 by

Some misc. flotsam in my inbox

Series 2 TiVos are now 50 bucks after rebate from circuit city via kevin rose which is pretty damn cheap, even if you figure in the $300 lifetime subscription (or $13/month)

RA picked up a Hauppauge WinTV PVR 250MCE on my recommendation and then had a few interferance/tuning issues with it. He posted some helpful deep links to some forum discussions about 3rd party software having trouble with latest (minor) hardware revision of pvr250 hardware. Hopefully the latest PVR 250 driver addresses the issue completely. (update ra?)

Plextor is going to be using TitanTV with their new ConvertX TV402U MPEG4/Divx tuner/encoder

Tom’s Hardware reviews ATI’s HDTV Wonder ATSC DTV tuner card Apparently it doesn’t play nice with Nvidia cards… but I suspect future driver revisions will address that (one would hope).