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Reminder: Just the FAQ’s contest time is running out!

Posted on 21 October 2005 by


I still need HELP filling out and refining the new DIY DVR/PVR HTPC FAQ Wiki!

You’ll have to sign up for an account over there Please use a valid email and if you’re registered here use the same username.

You can either do a bunch of little refinement/additions to existing pages (or forthcoming new pages) or create new pages/topics/content. Fix my grammer & speelling, add links and resources… write up a howto or explain the difference between Hauppauge MCE cards and retail cards

Whoever at the end of October makes the “best” contribution as judged by me (again let me reiterate: it could be a collection of smaller contributions and refinements or one or two really awesome articles on DIY PVR / HTPC related subjects) will win their choice of a Hauppauge WinTV PVR 150 (retail), a Wired MediaMVP, or Fusion 5 Dvico lite HTDA/ATSC/QAM card!

The contest is open to folks in the USA, Canada, and the UK.

If you have questions about the wiki, contest, or having trouble editing, please post a reply/question to this forum thread.

There’s a sandbox area if you want to experiment without worry… and you don’t have to go crazy with wiki formattig… just type away and paste in links… the important part is the content/text (I can/others can pretty it up later 😉 ) To create a new page you can just add a word or phrase to the end of the URL (the part in italics/white below), and then start editting… like this…
( add the new page name after the slash after index.php/ ) Creating A New Page

Good luck!