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ReplayRadio Reviewed At TVHarmony

Posted on 10 November 2004 by

ReplayRadio Reviewed over at TV Harm Me With Harmony

Summary: He dug it and wonders how he managed staying sane during his commute before using it. =)

Me, I think I really, really want to check out/review a RadioShark to timeshift Howard Stern and podcast it to my free ipod that actually arrived?!

One big thumb down …er… UP… to GriffinTechnology though. How on earth can you be a company that sells tech gadgets on the “internets” and NOT have SSL / HTTPS:// for your online store when taking credit card information UPDATE: Mea Culpa, perhaps their SSL was only down yesterday — their online store is indeed SSL today. (I ended up buying my iTrips ipod FM transmitters from ecost instead)

Back on the topic of internet radio and stream rippers/etc… what other radio station “slurping”, encoding, and tagging software do you use/recommend?