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ReplayTV PC Edition Windows DVR Software Launched

Posted on 23 November 2006 by

ReplayTV PC edition DVR software launched!

“On Sunday ReplayTV posted the official press release on its website. The Press release discussed many of the features of the new ReplayTV software. This includes:

* Surprise Me: A feature similar to what you get on TiVo which records your favorite TV shows choosing shows on criteria such as actors, genre and directors.
* Find More: Allows you to find related programs to what you are watching, again using criteria such as actors, genre and directors.
* Easy TV navigation: Ability to navigate through TV shows using features such as QuickSkip which allows you to skip a certain amount of time in a given show.
* Overlap Manager: Allows you to still record the end of a show that has overlapped with the beginning of another show you want to record at the same time.
* Advanced searches: Allows you to search by a variety of criteria. Replay TV boast that the software will return results instantly”

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### full text of release here ###

— With Release of PC Edition, ReplayTV has introduced the Most Advanced DVR Experience Available on a PC —

Cupertino CA., November 19, 2006 —ReplayTV®, the pioneer of digital video recording, today released its highly anticipated ReplayTV PC Edition. This next-generation DVR PC software offers TV enthusiasts the Ultimate DVR Experience, empowering everyone to get the most enjoyment out of TV. With a host of features, including lightning-fast and powerful new program search tools, a simple and intuitive interface, smart channel guide, and other planned enhancements, ReplayTV PC Edition is the new benchmark in a DVR experience.

The affordable and flexible ReplayTV PC Edition is ideal for many types of consumers including: people who want a powerful PC-based DVR for their main room; those who want a second DVR available through the PC because the DVR in the living room is in constant use; college students who want a DVR in their dorm room and have limited space and budget, and anyone who just loves TV and wants it on their laptop so they can watch shows on-the- go.

Spend More Time Watching TV, Not Managing Your DVR!
ReplayTV PC Edition DVR provides a breathtaking advance over prior DVR experiences – offering an intuitive solution that is powerful yet easy-to-use, so viewers can spend less time manipulating and managing their DVR, and more time watching their favorite TV programming. ReplayTV placed the highest priority on making PC Edition lightning fast, predictable and reliable in recording your family’s shows and providing an experience that’s unmatched in the industry.

Standout features and capabilities of the new ReplayTV PC edition include:

* Surprise Me™: This fun and useful feature surprises viewers by automatically recording programming featuring favorite actors, directors and genres. “Surprise-Me” is integrated throughout the experience, making it a valuable feature for all users.

* Find More: This exciting feature lets you instantly discover other shows and movies that are similar in genre or feature the same actors or directors as the one you’re watching. Of course, you can also have ReplayTV “surprise you” with other shows starring your favorite actor.

* Useful Searches:Tired of scrolling through channel lineups to find what you want? A click of the button and you can see a list of “Primetime Shows,” “Series Premieres,” or “Series Finales.” Enjoy romantic comedies? Try searching by genre, movie title, by actors, or even directors!

* Smart Channel Guide: ReplayTV PC Edition’s Channel Guide works for you. Place your favorite channels at the top of the guide so you can easily and quickly see what’s playing on them. Easily see what’s being recorded and plan what else you want to record using the time bar record indicator – with absolutely no guesswork. Just scroll to a show in the channel guide, press record and you’re done. A red icon confirms that your show will record. Want to record a program for the entire season? Just press the record button a second time. It’s that easy. You can also choose whether to record every episode of your favorite shows, or skip repeats and record just the new ones.
* TV Navigation: The new PC Edition offers many of the innovative personal TV features ReplayTV has pioneered over the years. You can instantly record a show you’re watching with one-touch recording. You can choose an instant replay at the touch of a button (great for watching that awesome catch during a sporting event). You can easily skip 30 seconds ahead with QuickSkip®. You can also type in the number of minutes you want to easily skip ahead to in that section of your program (type in “20” and QuickSkip® brings you ahead 20 minutes in a program – perfect for when you may have fallen asleep and want to get right to the scene you missed.) Additional standard ReplayTV features such as pausing live TV, multi speed rewind and Fast-Forward, and slow motion playback are included.

A Brand New Approach to the DVR Experience
ReplayTV PC Edition is the result of extensive research and feedback from current DVR users. That research revealed that current PC-based DVR products have major drawbacks in their ability to provide reliable, user-friendly solutions that the entire family trusts and uses. ReplayTV PC Edition finally offers a solution the entire family will enjoy.

ReplayTV PC Edition includes numerous unique design approaches that make navigation a snap. Highlights include:

* Presenting Shows by Airings: Unlike other DVRs that present users with a long list of every program episode on every network, ReplayTV PC Edition organizes shows by airing, making it easy and quick to pick your favorite series to record.

* Fast Navigation and Instant Searches: ReplayTV PC Edition was designed to navigate and deliver search results quickly. Unlike other DVRs, ReplayTV PC Edition won’t disappoint you with “Please Wait” messages.

* Recorded Shows Organization:ReplayTV’s innovative Recorded Shows screen presents the latest shows you’ve recorded — What’s New — right along with all your episodes grouped by show. This organizing principle makes navigating through hundreds of shows fast and accurate. And when it’s movie night, ReplayTV organizes all recorded movies under one tab.

* Overlap Manager:Most DVRs don’t allow you to record two shows that overlap by just a few minutes, forcing you to record just one show. ReplayTV lets you record the cliffhanger ending and still follow the next show.

Compatible with Existing PC Hardware
All the features and capabilities of the software-based ReplayTV PC Edition are designed to run on a user’s existing PC hardware with the addition of a TV tuner. You can then watch your shows through your PC’s monitor, or if you have the proper connections on your video card, you can connect your PC to your TV.

Availability and Pricing
ReplayTV PC Edition will be offered with a free 30-day trial download at It can be purchased for $99.95, which includes one year of ReplayTV Electronic Program Guide service for the PC Edition (annual fee thereafter: $19.95 per year).

ReplayTV PC Edition will also be bundled in the box with select Hauppauge WinTV/PVR tuner cards, also with a free 30-day trial. ReplayTV PC Edition is compatible with select Hauppauge WinTV PVR tuner cards and uses Hauppauge’s remote control and set-top box IR blaster, and is compatible with terrestrial antenna, most analog cable and select digital cable and satellite set-top boxes.

About ReplayTV
ReplayTVâ is the inventor and creator of DVR technology. ReplayTV has earned over 20 prestigious awards including CNET’s Editors Choice Award and is the winner of an Emmy award for technological achievement. The company is a leader in the DVR industry in groundbreaking innovations aimed at providing consumers with unmatched power and control in maximizing their TV viewing experience with the best performance and best value. Founded in 1997, ReplayTV is headquartered in Cupertino, California. The ReplayTV® brand is owned by D&M Holdings U.S., Inc., through its wholly owned subsidiary Digital Networks North America, Inc.

About D&M Holdings Inc.
D&M Holdings Inc. (TSE I: 6735) is based in Kawasaki and owns the Denon®, Marantz®, McIntosh® Laboratory, Boston Acoustics®, Snell Acoustics, D&M Professional, Denon DJ, ReplayTV® and Escient® brands. Denon, Marantz, McIntosh and D&M Professional are global industry leaders in the specialist home theater, audio/video consumer electronics or professional audio markets, with a strong and long-standing heritage of manufacturing and marketing high-performance audio and video components. Boston Acoustics, with its signature The Boston Sound, is a leader in premium loudspeakers for home and audio markets. Snell is a super premium speaker brand. The ReplayTV and Escient brands represent award-winning technologies in digital home entertainment. Additional information is available at

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