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ReplayTV PC Software to Use Nvidia PureVideo Decoder Coming Soon?

Posted on 14 September 2006 by

ReplayTV PC PVR Software to use Nvidia PureVideo decoder

ReplayTV announced on (last) Thursday that it’s much anticipated new PC Edition PVR software will be using NVIDIA’s PureVideo Technology. For those of you that don’t know, ReplayTV was a popular maker of set-top PVRs, and is due to release software this month for bringing a PVR experience to your PC.

The use of NVIDIA PureVideo technology in ReplayTV PC edition will see improved picture clarity, color fidelity, and stutter-free playback with minimal CPU utilization and power consumption.

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###full press release###

REPLAYTV Selects NVIDIA �PureVideo� to Power ReplayTV �PC EDITION�

Cupertino CA September 7, 2006 � ReplayTV�, the pioneer of digital video recording, today announced that its upcoming ReplayTV PC Edition DVR software will include state-of-the-art NVIDIA� PureVideo� technology.

The next-generation ReplayTV PC Edition is a computer-based DVR solution that provides users with the Ultimate DVR Experience, empowering everyone to get the most enjoyment out of TV. With a host of features, including lightning-fast and powerful new program search tools, a simple and intuitive interface, multi-room networking capabilities and more, ReplayTV PC Edition is the new benchmark in a DVR experience.

The inclusion of NVIDIA PureVideo processing in ReplayTV PC edition ensures that users will enjoy superb picture clarity, unmatched color fidelity, and stutter-free playback. PureVideo technology delivers crisp, life-like images and ultra-smooth video with minimal CPU utilization and low power consumption.

Bill Loewenthal, ReplayTV�s VP/GM noted: �We designed the ReplayTV PC edition to provide TV enthusiasts with the very best TV watching experience possible, and the best way for us to achieve this is to utilize the very best video processing software available, NVIDIA PureVideo technology. In addition to the world�s most user-friendly, convenient and flexible recording option, PC edition will also offer uncompromising image quality, suitable for the most discriminating user.�

ReplayTV PC Edition DVR provides a breathtaking advance over prior DVR experiences � offering an intuitive solution that is powerful yet easy-to-use, so viewers can spend less time manipulating and managing their DVR, and more time watching their favorite TV programming. ReplayTV placed the highest priority on making PC Edition lightning fast, predictable and reliable in recording your family�s shows and providing an experience that�s unmatched in the industry.

ReplayTV PC Edition will be offered with a free 30-day trial download at It can be purchased for $99.95, which includes one year of ReplayTV Electronic Program Guide service for the PC Edition (annual fee thereafter: $19.95 per year).

Availability is expected in Q4 2006

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About ReplayTV

ReplayTV� is the inventor and creator of DVR technology. ReplayTV has earned over 20 prestigious awards including CNET�s Editors Choice Award and is the winner of an Emmy award for technological achievement. The company is a leader in the DVR industry in groundbreaking innovations aimed at providing consumers with unmatched power and control in maximizing their TV viewing experience with the best performance and best value. Founded in 1997, ReplayTV is headquartered in Cupertino, California. The ReplayTV� brand is owned by D&M Holdings U.S., Inc., through its wholly owned subsidiary Digital Networks North America, Inc.

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