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Review: SageTV 2.2 Interactive

Posted on 13 July 2005 by

The folks at BoxGoods have put together a review of SageTV 2.2.

They’ve come up with an inventive way to illustrate the myriad of screens when talking about the software… Here’s how they explained it:

“To avoid row after row of menu screen captures, yet still show you most of the excellent features, we will be presenting the menus and “click paths” in an interactive Flash format. There will be a heading and written content covering the feature, as well as a small version of the menus that you can click on to advance to the next branch. If you miss a step, simply click through to the end of the slide show, and it will bring you back to the start.”

Link to Box Good’s review of SageTV 2.2. For comparison’s sake BYOPVR review of SageTV 2.0 and HTPCnews SageTV 2.0 review

I know I’ve been patiently waiting for the seemingly immenent release of SageTV 3.0 (nope no idea when it’s coming, I’m hoping soon)