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Reviews: VisionTek Theater 550Pro, DFI DAGF & Lanparty NF4

Posted on 28 July 2005 by

I’ve just now settled down for the day and was browsing around over at and I ran accross two articles of interest. First, it seems that [H]ardOCP has got a review of the VisionTek XTASY Theater 550Pro. From their article:

Uniquely, the Theater 550 Pro supports a 3D comb filter for almost perfect luminance and chrominance separation eliminating dot crawl and rainbow swirls for images that remain constant. Normally, only very high-end televisions offer 3D comb filters, but the Theater 550 Pro has one built right in.

Worth taking a look at… Sounds like the 2D and 3D comb filters on board might challenge the Hauppauge line of cards for quality. has also got two reviews in one on a couple of DFI boards, namely the DFI NF4-DAGF and Lanparty NF4 Ultra-D. From their review:

So here we have the board itself in all its’ UV reactive glory. The first thing that should stand out here is that there are two PCI Express x16 slots, “but I thought this was an nForce4 Ultra board?” you say. Well yes, yes it is, and DFI could care less if NVIDIA thinks dual PCI Express x16 is only for the nForce 4 SLI only. See those rows of jumpers in between the PCIe x16 slots just down from the PCIe x1 slot? they let you split the x16 lane into two x8 lanes just like an SLI board does. Interesting yes? Sadly NVIDIA has now blocked this from working in SLI mode with their drivers. Does that mean this ability is worthless? not totally. It still lets you have two independent PCI Express graphics cards running in one system. This comes in handy for running two displays at once. While the uses that spring to mind are more professional, having two graphics cards could be handy if one were to use a case like the Uneed x15e which has an integrated LCD display.

Can you say picture and picture on steroids on that second display?