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Roundup: GBPVR, FireFly and RF Keyboards, & User Projects

Posted on 02 March 2005 by

Couple of user projects and commentary that I wanted to point out.

JDL440 Joe posted a writeup on his blog of his experience setting up GBPVR on Windows Server2003 on a Shuttle XPC box He also has a post detailing using XMLTV instead of Zap2it with GBPVR in the USA.

Another, totally different Joe posted a User Review which is probably more of a journal entry than a review, discussing how he overcame conflicting RF devices with his FireFly remote

Speaking of Journal Posts: Joshua is taking us on his journey to use the HD-3000 in linux partially from the ashes of some older cast off pc’s…

stefan’s got xmltv working in the netherlands but is having trouble getting his pvr150 working with GBPVR