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SageTV 2.0 User’s Guide

Posted on 27 September 2004 by

Frey Technologies has released the SageTV Version 2.0 User’s Guide (56k Warning: 8MB PDF). It’s chock full of really useful stuff, most of which was only available by scouring the SageTV Forums. The Appendicies are where this thing really shines.

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Here’s the Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Installation and Setup
  • Chapter 3: SageTV Menus
  • Chapter 4: Media Playback
  • Chapter 5: Configuring SageTV
  • Chapter 6: Troubleshooting Guide
  • Chapter 7: Frequently Asked Questions
  • Appendix A: SageTV Properties Settings
  • Appendix B: Adding Channel Logos
  • Appendix C: Managing Recording Files
  • Appendix D: SageTV Command Line Parameters
  • Appendix E: Remote Controls
  • Appendix F: Infrared Receivers & Transmitterse
  • Appendix G: Network Encoding
  • Appendix H: Custom Recording Quality Settings
  • Appendix I: Playing DVDs from the Hard Drive
  • Appendix J: Using the SendMessage Utility