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SageTV 2.2.2 Beta available

Posted on 12 December 2004 by

SageTV 2.2.2 Beta available Sounds like SageTV continues to evolve and refine. I might try updating my pvr350 drivers tonight and load this beta and see what’s doing.

SageTV 2.2.2 Release notes:

1. Performance enhancements
2. Fixed issues with IR receivers not working after coming out of standby
3. Added ‘transparency’ when using the 2D renderer with Overlay.
4. Fixed PVR-350 OSD not working after standby
5. Fixed bug where having too much negative favorite padding would cause the recorded file to be deleted immediately.
6. Fixed a few library importing bugs
7. Files imported into the library that are named like a SageTV recorded video and still have their EPG data in the database will have their metadata recovered and displayed in the UI.
8. Fixed bug where re-imported files were deleted immediately if they had old EPG data

found via HTPCnews