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SageTV 3.0.5 Beta: Preliminary ATSC HDTV Support!

Posted on 30 July 2005 by

The initial SageTV 3.0.3 Beta Release was a little rough around the edges (that’s why it’s a BETA to find the sort of bugs that were present) but SageTV quickly squashed the bugs and pushed a new revision 3.0.5 out to the Beta testers. This revision has included some initial support for some ATSC HDTV tuner cards.

There’s been conflicting reports on whether anything in SageTV 3.0.x Beta addresses the concerns/issues of PVR350 owners, but on my machine I’ve had mixed results with the latest Beta and the PVR350’s TV out/decoder.

### From Opus’ post on SageTV Beta Forum ###
Here are some of the main changes:

* Fixed the channel change freeze bug.
* Bug fix for closing down DX9 Full Screen Exclusive mode. Was causing app hangs when exiting full screen mode previously.
* Many other bug squashes
* The UI now has the ability to create title-based keyword favorites

And the one I’m sure many are waiting for:
* More fixes toward HDTV support.

Regarding this initial HDTV tuner support, I’m told that the following cards should work:

* ATI HDTV Wonder
* AVerMedia AVerTVHD MCE A180
* Conexant CX23883 ATSC
* Philips x237 PCI 7133 ATSC
* VBox DTA-151 ATSC
* VBox USB-A 3560

small print: cards not on the list might work, but they might not. This is still a beta, after all, so please report your testing and file bug reports.