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SageTV Needs Beta Testers for Mac OSX PVR Software

Posted on 27 September 2006 by

PVRWire reports: SageTV needs beta testers for Mac client

SageTV on Mac official Forum Thread

“We’re looking for some additional users to join our private beta testing group in order to assist in testing new SageTV technologies on the Macintosh.

Beta testers MUST meet the following criteria:
1. Have a Macintosh computer running OS X 10.4 or later (PPC or Intel based).
2. Have an existing SageTV license for Windows or Linux.
3. Willing to sign an NDA
4. Does not work for any company that is a competitor of SageTV or produces competitive technology

In addition, significant preference will be given to beta testers who own a Hauppauge WinTV PVR USB2. This will be the only supported capture device on the Macintosh initially.

We do have the right to choose the beta testers at our own discretion.

Beta testing for the Placeshifter client for Macintosh has already begun. Beta testing for the full version of SageTV for the Macintosh will begin in the coming weeks.

Please direct all betatest inquiries via email to betatest at

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