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SageTV Version 2.0 Released

Posted on 13 May 2004 by

SageTV, one of the frontrunners in PVR technology, announced that version 2.0 is now released. Browse the features, download the trial, and if you you like it, buy it in their store.

Read more for features list.

Here is a copy/paste of the features:

* Completely redesigned User Interface for version 2.0 with optional support for DirectX9.
* Never miss your favorite TV shows and record multiple shows at the same time.
* Free yourself from the confinement of television schedules and complexity of your VCR.
* Skip through commercials in the blink of an eye.
* Use your PC without realizing it’s recording TV while gaming, playing music, surfing the Internet or more.
* Record news shows automatically and intelligently.
* Watch shows on your TV, PC or both.
* Have access to all your recorded television and music on your PC anywhere in any environment.
* Stream High Quality MPEG-2 Live and recorded TV across your network with SageTV on any PC.
* Access your Music collection quickly by Album, Artist or Playlists.

Detailed Features of SageTV and SageTVClient Software:
* Timeshift television
* Pause live TV
* Instant Replay
* Instantly skip through commercials
* Personalized Intelligent Recording and Scheduling
* A SageTV exclusive that utilizes proprietary algorithms to determine your interests based on past viewing habits and automatically records programs for you.
* Fully integrated programming guide
* 14 days of programming data updated daily from the SageTV server allows you to view all your channels and shows. There’s no need for a web browser to obtain this data, as with other providers. (* U.S. TV listings only)
* One-Touch Recording
* Find your favorite show and hit record. It’s that easy!
* Multiple Tuner Support
* Record two or more shows at the same time!
* Favorites ManagerTM
* Never miss your favorite shows whether it’s first runs, re-runs, or all episodes.
* Add Favorites by Actor or Category and link Favorites to specific channels (*new for V2)
* Search by actor, title or description and preview the results as you search
* Local DVD Playback
* Library to organize your recorded TV, Music and other Video files
* Browse your Music collection by Album, Artist or Song
* Support for Album Art where songs are tagged appropriately (*new for V2)
* Playlist functionality for Music and Visualizations (*new for V2)
* Picture Library and Slideshow support (*new for V2)
* User Interface and OSD support for the TV-out of the PVR-350 (*new for V2)
* Stream High Quality MPEG-2 Live and recorded TV anywhere across your network
* Simple “VCR-like” interface for time-based recordings (*new for V2)
* Full screen interface supports sitting on a couch using a remote control or mouse and keyboard, to select programs, change channels, and adjust the volume
* Extensive Parental Controls
* Works with any antenna, cable, or satellite provider
* Infrared or serial control of your cable or satellite set-top box
* View TV full screen on your PC monitor or watch a mini screen while you work
* Connect directly to your TV with a video card with TV out or use the TV-out of the WinTV-PVR-350 card
* Widescreen (16:9) TV support
* Zoom options, screen shifting, background overlay
* Step-by-step Setup Wizard makes setup and configuration simple
* Record your favorite TV shows and movies with DVD quality to your PC hard drive
* Recorded video is fully DVD/CVD/SVCD compliant and ready to burn with your third-party software